A Rich Hood N*gga Wifed Me

Beauty runs deep in the Brinks bloodline, but for sisters Raegan, Emani, and Nori, that’s where the similarities end.

Raegan is all about her money, and nothing is going to stop her from building an empire. When a client walks into the accounting firm that she shares with her siblings, her eyes light up with dollar signs. Unfortunately, her flirtatious advancements leave her stuck on stupid once realizing the elusive Tymir McKay is already smitten with her younger sister.

Tymir McKay is rich, thanks to his last name. His father was once the king of Cali, but some reigns aren’t meant to last. When the crown hits the ground, Tymir instantly takes charge while creating his own legacy. At the helm, he’s fine, hood, and caked up, but Nori sees more than that, and he also sees potential in her.

Nori Brinks is young and, at times, naïve. Being determined to do her own thing causes a rift with Raegan. All the while, she’s falling in love with Tymir. She’s not easily persuaded by his seductive charm, but she is intrigued enough to go against her bloodline.

Emani Brinks is neutral in all family matters. She minds her business, makes her money, and loves her man. She has the perfect life and is ready to take the next step.

It’s always been B4Eternity when it comes to these sisters, but a rich, hood ni$$a has a funny way of compromising an unbreakable bond they thought no one could ever touch.