A Philly Millionaire Snatched My Soul 3

In this final installment, everyone faces decisions that could cost them. Protecting the family had never been an issue until Ahniyah does jail time. Despite the problems she’s facing becoming a mom, being a great woman is the only thing on her mind. Brick soon faces the decision of walking away from the only life he knows and becoming a family man.
Meanwhile, with Dakari and Dom, it was all good until it wasn’t. They fell for each other quick and now are questioning if things are moving too fast and too soon. Dakari wants nothing more than to be the man Dom needs. Yet, with her newly developed attitude, he’s not sure if continuing their relationship is something he wants.
With the streets continuing to test them, old habits start to resurface, and boundaries are crossed. Take this final ride with the crew and see who’s still standing together when the smoke clears. And exactly what happens when love feel so real you start to question it.