A Philly Millionaire Snatched My Soul 2

After Ahniyah’s arrest, the crew is back, and everything isn’t what it seems.

They say family isn’t always the people in your life that’s related by blood. But those who want you to be in theirs, and the ones who accept you for you and stand by you no matter what.

Ahniyah soon finds out just how true that statement is. While fighting for her freedom, secrets are revealed. That she’s not sure she can handle.
Shayla comes into a new environment and meets new people who show her she may have been living life all wrong.

Brick is willing to do anything to handle all the problems in his life, and assures Ahniyah is okay and comes home by any means necessary.

Dakari and Dom seem to be doing fine and doing their best to steer clear of trouble. While everything seems to be all peaches and cream, it is the exact opposite for them.

This time more drama and trouble seem to follow the group. Secrets, lies, betrayal, and love come tearing down their families and lives. Will they be able to come out on top? Or will life as they know it come crumbling down right before their eyes?