A Nolia Boss Saved Me 3

In this final installment, all hell breaks loose. Relationships are torn apart by what the eyes see, but the heart will not listen.

Zenobia is living her best life… away from Magnolia because he smothers her. She is curious about a life without him, and rightfully so, he lets her go. She falls into the arms of another man that could potentially threaten Magnolia’s life. Just how far is he willing to go to get Zenobia back?

“We all have a past” is what Amerika believes. However, will Jaharé still love her when he pulls all her layers off, even the few she kept hidden?

Take this final ride where hearts are broken beyond repair, and others are mended. Trust is broken and gained, and new-found love appears. Everybody can have a happy ending, right? Some things you can’t explain, then there are the issues that will be explained in the pages of this final ride.