A Nolia Boss Saved Me 2

Hearts were broken, love was lost, but in this second installment, who will pay the cost?

The Mahsyn that Zenobia fell in love with is not Magnolia that would hurt her. Your first love and your first heartbreak is supposed to be your father, but what happens when you don’t have a father? Is Magnolia the second or the first? Will he be able to pick the pieces up and give her a little peace? Or has Zenobia turned into Nobby made him hate her? Is it real love? Or is her only love on the other side of the door waiting for her to open it?

Amerika has demons to fight, but Jaharé wants to devour them for her. She loves selflessly, expecting nothing in return but loyalty. When Amerika digs into her own past, she may not like what she finds. Will she let Jaharé handle it or lose herself and her best friend in the process?

If the first installment left your head hanging, pick your head up and continue this journey where new people come to stay and others are temporary. Will Magnolia’s secrets run Zenobia into another man’s arms or turn her into the female version of himself?