A Nolia Boss Saved Me

From Cole Hart Signature’s newest author, Miss Jazzie comes a gripping, new romance series, A Nolia Boss Saved Me. This intensely captivating novel is filled with heart-rending romance, drama, new love, and loss.

He wasn’t supposed to love her but she stole his heart. He would taint her, not knowing she was already tainted.

“Two mountains may never meet but two people will,” is what Zenobia’s mother, Zhena, always told her. Don’t go looking for love, let it find you and when it does……. My God.

Zenobia wasn’t looking for handouts but she was dealt a bad hand. A New Orleans girl trying to find her way out the mud. How could she look for love when she had to search for her and her brother’s next meal?

“You think you in love now but she ain’t the one, just wait, the real one coming,” is what Mahsyn’s mother told him when he married the wrong woman. He knew he shouldn’t have, but Candyse had his kids, so why not? It didn’t matter that he craved something on a deeper level, outside of clothes, cars, and money. He wanted a spiritual connection that Candyse couldn’t give because she simply didn’t have it.

When two worlds collide, truths are revealed, hearts are broken, and love is lost, but who’s going to weather the storm of life?