A New Orleans Virgin & Hood Millionaire

Yhental is smart, educated, and sexy but still a virgin. At twenty-one, she followed all the strict rules her parents put in place, making her green to the streets until she meets Khaza. He evokes a feeling inside of her from just his presence that she never knew existed. Will he be the one she needs when shit gets rough? Or will he be the reason behind her heartbreak?
Khaza is the most treacherous, sought-out man in Georgia. He is the man to see to get the job done thanks to his mother, Khaya, but he lacks love. Searching for a new location, he ends up in New Orleans and falls right in Yhental’s path. He suffers from the inability to show affection because of his past demons and fucked-up childhood. Will Yhental be able to thaw the ice that surrounds his hardened heart? Or will she be just another notch under his belt?
Follow my new characters as they embark on a journey where love is lost, but loyalty is gained. Hearts are broken, but can they be mended by the right person? If at all? Happy reading!