A New Orleans Virgin & A Hood Millionaire 2

In this second installment, Yhental loses everything that she once thought was normal. With a broken heart, she runs to the man that she knows holds the keys to her heart, but will the skeletons fall out before she can get the happiness she deserves?

Nhairobe has finally found the man of her dreams and is willing to do anything to keep him. When his secrets are revealed, will she hold him down or end up heartbroken?

Khaza has a past that he is not proud of, but he is looking toward the future with Yhental; however, will Khaya tell all his secrets and destroy what he thinks he has found in Yhental, the woman that loves him with all his flaws?

Secrets are told, and the shade tree shakes. But when the shade clears up, who will be left standing when their loyalty is tested? Find out when you turn the page.