a millionaire and a project chick 3

A Millionaire And A Project Chick 3

Just when Alize believes that things just can’t get any worse, she’s proven wrong once again. Her aunt Melva is in critical condition, Lindsey’s been shot, and her chances of getting her girls back seem to be slipping further and further away. All Alize can do is hope and pray that things work out, but with more drama brewing in the background, she’s going to need more than just some hope and prayers.

With everything going on around him, Lance has reached his breaking point. Lawrence is out of control, Lindsey is clinging to life, and he’s just learned that he could possibly go to war with a potentially very dangerous man. It doesn’t end there, as Lance also discovers that there is another informant amongst his team. The storm he’s been thrust into isn’t even the real issue. The real issue is he has to handle the controversy while keeping the people closest to him safe. If they’ll even let him.

Will Alize get her kids back? Will Melva and Lindsey survive? Will Lance and Lawrence end the beef and make it out alive. Most importantly, will Alize and Lance get the happy ending they so desperately deserve. Find out in the finale of A Millionaire And A Project Chick.