A Millionaire And A Project Chick 2

Meeting Lance Christopher seems like a dream come true for Alize McKoy. Once living in a motel room and working retail, she now has a new job at a high-end car rental agency, a luxury apartment, and is also on the path to getting her children back any day. 

Lance seems to be a keeper, and life seems to be looking up. Unfortunately, things aren’t always what they seem, nor do they always go according to plans. Tension is rapidly building between the men in Alize’s life, and it soon escalates into catastrophe.

Overnight, her life unravels— leaving her heartbroken, angry, and desperate. Her problems continue to pile up, right along with her frustrations and heartaches. Despite pushing relentlessly to achieve her goals, the actions of others around her keep pulling her two steps back. Will Alize have the strength to keep fighting? Or will she give up and lose everything she’s fought so hard for?