a millionaire and a project chick

A Millionaire And A Project Chick

Twenty-three-year-old Alize McKoy has always prided herself on providing her two children with the two main things she lacked as a child: love and stability. Unfortunately, a violent reaction to a broken heart thrusts Alize back to a life of hardship and uncertainty. Her baby daddy and now ex-boyfriend Neal have always cared for her and her children. But now that Alize no longer wants anything to do with him, he tries to teach her a lesson by forcing her to find her own way without his help. Prideful Alize does just that but quickly realizes that things aren’t as easy as they seem. Lacking resources and finances, Alize soon finds herself with her back against the wall and about to lose her children. Will her pride outweigh her love? Or will she do whatever she has to do to piece life back together for her and her girls?

Lance Christopher is a semi-reformed thug that was lucky enough to run into the right connection to propel him to the top. His success, of course, hasn’t come without its fair share of bloodshed, problems, and disappointments. A dangerously ungrateful brother that won’t shake his street mentality and a money-hungry ex that tricked her way into his heart are just some of the issues he faces that money can’t seem to fix. Lance doesn’t want much more, just peace and a woman that can relate to him and help him battle the demons that he faces. Unfortunately, that type of woman with class is hard to find. He soon, however, finds that when fate throws Alize into his path. Will she let him in so they can be the strength the other needs? Or will outside forces tear them apart before they even get started?