A Kingpin Stole My Heart 3: An Original Love Story

A Kingpin Stole My Heart 2 ended abruptly with Nexus and Camille shot, Nyceah was stabbed, Graham got away, Tysen missed his plane, and Lakeya and Lacrae are miles away on an island hiding out….

Nexus was distraught after he saw the knife in Nyceah’s chest. He was so concerned about Nyceah and his unborn child that he refused medical treatment for himself. He terrorized the hospital staff with his choice words and bleeding everywhere that he stepped. Anyone who tried to stop him from following after Nyceah would catch his bad attitude. Literally, Nexus was going crazy with vengeance on his mind.

If it wasn’t for bad luck, Nyceah wouldn’t have any. She thought that when Nexus filed for divorce that her new life with him would be amazing. She had no idea that she would be slowing dying on an operating table. Will Nyceah survive? Will her unborn child live?

Lakeya and Lacrae arrived at the hospital just in time to find out Nyceah’s fate. Lakeya is already upset because she might be pregnant again. Lacina is only a few months old, and she is still married to Tysen. What is Lakeya going to do?

Three people will die for sure. Who will it be? Expect the unexpected when you read the explosive finale A Kingpin Stole My Heart 3.