A Kingpin Stole My Heart 2: An Original Love Story

Nexus is finally in love, but it’s not with his wife Camille. He has fallen for his mistress Nyceah. Quite naturally, Nexus files for divorce after the international drug deal is finalized in France. Camille pretends to be okay with her husband’s choice to end their union. Deep down inside, she is fuming. Envy, jealousy, and rage fills her thoughts. She refuses to lose her husband to the next chick. All bets are off when it comes to saving her marriage. Murder is always an option. Camille outsmarts everyone around her as she sets out on a deadly rampage. If she can’t have Nexus then no other woman will.

Nyceah never saw herself falling for a handsome king pin. She never imagined herself as Nexus’s mistress. Nyceah always thought she would end up with a corporate tycoon instead of a cartel affiliated, mafia dealing, gun toting king pin. Nexus’s lifestyle has wreaked havoc on her new beginning. Due to his street dealings, Nyceah is shot, kidnapped, and stabbed. She is wondering if loving Nexus is worth the heartache or the trouble.

Nyceah isn’t the only one with love drama. Her sister, Lakeya, has a shocking secret of her own. Everyone thinks that she has the perfect marriage to Tysen until a shocking revelation is exposed. Lakeya’s life spirals out of control after everyone finds out. Between trying to balance a new baby, a failing marriage, her secret past, and someone trying to kill her sister Nyceah, Lakeya almost has a nervous breakdown.

Nexus, Nyceah, and Lakeya’s lives are turned upside down when a hired hitman shows up at Nyceah’s family home, and points a gun to her head. Who sent him? Will this hired gunman kill Nyceah? Will Nyceah’s life be at the desperate hands of Camille? Or will Camille meet her fate of death? You won’t find out unless you read the suspenseful street tale: A King Pin Stole My Heart Part 2!