a hood virgin and a down south billionaire

A Hood Virgin & A Down South Billionaire

Bestselling author Shontaiye Moore, known for her riveting romance series ‘A Millionaire and a Project Chick’ returns with a captivating new romance series: ‘A Hood Virgin & A Down South Billionaire.’

Cashmere Ellis, a down to earth hood chick from the slums of Atlanta, knows the cost of dreams. Her life has been a relentless fight for the basic necessities, leaving no room for the sweet whispers of love. But when the A-Town billionaire Ezekiel “Wolf” Griffin enters her world, he challenges everything she knows.

Wolf, a man hardened by a brutal past, is a paradox of the South— a chilling gangsta’ under a veil of southern charm. Despite his frosty exterior, Cashmere spirit awakens a spark of tenderness in him, stirring emotions he’d forgotten he could feel.

Charmed by Wolf’s allure but guarded in her innocence, Cashmere finds herself wavering between caution and curiosity. An unforeseen tragedy tears away her veil of toughness, throwing her deeper into Wolf’s luxurious but perilous world. His love offers safety, yet his secrets breed danger.

As Cashmere feelings for Wolf blossom and grows like a rose from the concrete jungle, she’s torn between the electrifying connection they share and the chilling shadows of his past. Will Cashmere love prove to be the key to melting Wolf’s icy exterior? Or will the secrets Wolf hides rip them apart before their love story can truly begin?

A Hood Virgin & A Down South Billionaire is an unforgettable journey through the rugged terrains of love, mixing the raw emotionality of hood romance with the opulence and mystery of billionaire love stories.