A Hood Love So Real 2: The Finale

Just when things were looking up Hood’s mama comes back around and with her comes more drama than a little bit. Nobody ends up dead from her last stunt but Big mama and Nina are fully committed to having her around. Hood has enough on his plate and the last thing that he’s worried about is helping his mama break her addiction. He’s already trying to change his life for Skyy and become the man she needs. Then there’s still the matter of finding Skyy’s baby daddy Ren. He’s skipped town and no one has seen him, and not even the money on his head has brought him out of hiding. Hood will stop at nothing to kill him for all of the mayhem he caused before he left. His enemy is much closer than he thinks though.
Skyy has everything she’s ever wanted. A family that supports and loves her and a father for her daughter. Just when she thinks that things can’t get any better her past comes back to wreak havoc. Torn between what she thinks is best for her and what she wants Skyy has a decision to make. Her choice could cause a major rift between her and Hood, but it’s a chance that she’s willing to take. Can Skyy keep her secret from Hood and still get everything she wants or will it be revealed and ruin everything she’s gained.
Hood love isn’t easy to get and Hood and Skyy are finding out that’s it’s even harder to keep. Is their love real enough to beat the odds, or will the problems their facing tear them apart?