A Hood Love So Real

A Hood Love So Real is by far one of the best African American Urban Fiction books out. It’s available right here for your reading pleasure. In this riveting kindle romance, you’ll take an unforgettable ride with J. Dominique. Her writing is very clever, and this story is unputdownable.

***WARNING*** This is not your typical, Urban Romance, Dope Boy, Thug Love, or Kingpin Savage book.

Heart pounding.

Nail biting.


That insecure love.

Skyy’s possession are few but the one thing she does have in this world is love. She and her boyfriend, Ren, have created a quaint but beautiful life together. What they lack in material things, Skyy is certain they make up for by sharing a genuine and transparent love that can only come from the heart. However, sometimes the grass on our side of the fence only appears green because it’s a façade. This is the lesson Skyy learns when she discovers that Ren has been keeping secrets and his loyalty was nothing more than a lie. Heartbroken and alone, Skyy finds that starting over is often easier said than done. She finds herself at rock bottom, wadding in the valley of misery. However, the wonderful thing about being at the bottom, the great thing about crawling in the valley, is there’s only one place to go-UP.

Hood is currently living his best life and enjoying the spoils afforded to him from being the boss of a lucrative and growing drug empire. When Skyy stumbles into his life he’s immediately skeptical but intrigued by the young beauty. In the beginning he tries to deny his growing feelings for her and goes to great lengths to keep her away. He can’t afford to lose himself in a woman, that he’s not certain he can be the man she needs and deserves. He doesn’t want to fall for her but the heart wants what it wants and Hood finds himself no longer able to fight the inevitable. Will he be able to let go of his player ways and give Skyy a love so real their story will be a Hood Love that resounds in history or will he end up being the biggest heart break of her life?