A Hood Chick & A Crime Boss

In this gripping new African American romance, “A Hood Chick & A Crime Boss”, author Kelsi delivers an unforgettable, intense, and heart-pounding hood love story. The tale transports readers from the grimy streets of Alabama to the electrifying nightlife of Atlanta.

KeyShana Duncan, an ambitious twenty-year-old paralegal, knows the struggles of the hood all too well. Though she dreams of a brighter future fueled by her desire to become an attorney, reality paints a grimmer picture—an alcoholic mother and a father serving life for a gang-related crime.

A chance encounter with Ahmad “Wolf” Woolfe, a wealthy but up-and-coming crime boss, changes everything. KeyShana is thrust into a world of fast money, perilous power dynamics, and opulence beyond her wildest dreams. Her life takes a dangerous turn when Wolf, infatuated and possessive, lets his love and feelings cloud his judgment. He finds himself entangled deeper than he could have ever imagined.

“A Hood Chick & A Crime Boss” is a gripping tale of love, loyalty, and the lengths one will go to protect those who matter most. It’s a stunning testament to the strength of a woman fighting for love and survival amidst chaos, and a riveting exploration of entrapment in a world one is desperate to escape.