A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire 3

From Michelle Elaine comes A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire 3, a gripping romance finale that’ll leave you speechless.

In the third and final installment of this three-part series, the Reid family faces an abundance of uncertainty.  Cameron has to deal with the consequences of his actions. Without extreme measures, these consequences could very well put him behind bars forever. When the assistance comes from an unlikely source, Cameron has to decide if his pride is worth more than his freedom.  With the drama of the last few years, Julian is ready to hang it all up and enjoy retirement. However, an ultimatum from Miami will determine how smooth the transition will be for his successor.

After a vicious assault at Jada’s condo, multiple lives hang in the balance. Who will survive the attack from the Pitt Twins? How will the family rebound after such a violent encounter?  Will Julian be able to smoothly turn over the empire he spent thirty years building in order to enjoy the next chapter of his life?  Will anyone have their happily ever after?  All these questions and more are answered in the finale, of A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire 3.