A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire

From emerging author, Michelle Elaine comes A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire a new intense yet riveting, urban fiction romance that’ll leave you astounded.

Calling Jada Reid’s love life a mess is an understatement. She broke up with the only man she ever loved, a professional football player named Israel Mann. She left because she thought he was never going to propose. A year removed from this ten-year relationship, she still has not committed to seriously rejoining the dating world. She has instead been playing the field the best way she knows how as an attractive, single woman in Atlanta. Israel returning to town for an unexpected, extended visit, tests the remaining parts of their relationship; Israel did not come to town alone. Instead, a new girlfriend— a family friend that Jada always viewed as a potential threat— joins him. Reeling from the discovery of his new relationship, Jada impulsively becomes involved with a local rapper who happens to be an associate of her best friend’s fiancé.

Jada and Israel try to avoid one another and focus on their new relationships, but their chemistry is undeniable. Although they are involved in other romantic situations, they find themselves entangled with one another, yet again. The complexity of their love triangle increases due to Jada’s father, Julian— one of the biggest drug distributors that the city of Atlanta has seen. In addition, Israel’s best friend, Caleb Bridges, is an opposing threat hell-bent on removing Julian from his seat of power—something Israel personally doesn’t want for Jada nor the Reid family.

Julian Reid works directly for the Miami-based Ramirez Cartel. Once the Cartel catches wind of the havoc that Caleb is causing, Julian and his two sons —who work for him— are pressured to remove the threat permanently. With their loved ones on opposing sides of a growing drug war, Jada and Israel face their toughest challenge yet.

Although Jada’s new love interest says and does all the right things, she can’t seem to let Israel go. Caught up in memories of a time when they would have done anything for each other, Jada is stunned at a discovery. Shortly before she called it quits a year prior, Israel was ready to get on one knee and ask her to be his wife. While pondering this new information, she realizes that she may have walked away from the relationship too hastily. Jada, now, faces the decision to either let that information impact her current relationship or simply let Israel go.

Caleb’s decision to go against Julian creates more than just problems for Julian’s criminal organization. At the moment, they feel there may be a chance for reconciliation; Jada and Israel find themselves forced to choose sides when the war between their loved ones leaves multiple deaths all around them. The drama between her father and his best friend proves to be too much for Jada and Israel to overcome. When the dust finally settles, some lives are lost while other lives are changed forever.

Find out what happens in the first installment of this three-part series, A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire.