A Ghetto Love Story 3

This is a rerelease of The Way That He Loves Me 3

Tsunami faces one of the toughest decisions of his life. The rules of the streets say you kill those responsible for touching those that belong to you. When the person behind Mya’s shooting is revealed, will he be able to pull the trigger?

After being shot, Mya wakes up to learn that her condition is the least of her problems. Her mother has, yet again, turned her life upside down taking her child and teaming up with an enemy Mya didn’t even know she had. Unsure of what to do, Mya tries to get back control of her life. However, it’s proving to be harder than she ever thought.

Lynk, Sarai, Scar, and Xanaya are stuck fighting their own battles but everyone’s fight seems to revolve around the same thing; Mya’s shooting and who is responsible.

Love and boundaries will be tested. Secrets will begin to surface and the silence starts to scream louder than words. Can everyone get their lives back on track after the tragic incident or will the love they shared just not be enough to pull them through?