A Down South Hustla Stole My Heart 3

Bestselling author Shanice B. concludes her highly sought after finale with more unlimited drama, secret rendezvous, and undisclosed romance.

What do you do when the man you married is really in love with another chick? Do you stick around and try to make your marriage work? Or do you move on and let the other chick have him?

Devastation fell upon Hailey when she learns that her husband Lance doesn’t love her like he loves his baby mother Monique. It’s hard for her to accept that her marriage isn’t as solid as she once believed it to be. Eventually, Hailey comes to terms with the cards she has been dealt, and decides to walk away from her husband who has betrayed her in the worse way.

After Romeo learns the truth about Jocelyn, it brings on a chain of events that will have Jocelyn losing everything she believed was important to her. Romeo has a hate so deep for Jocelyn that he has set out to destroy her. He will not stop until she leaves their relationship like she came into it —with nothing. Romeo knows he has made a mistake by choosing Jocelyn over Hailey and tries to go back to Hailey hoping for a second chance, but is it too late? Will Hailey be able to forgive him? Will their relationship finally be able to get off the ground this time around?

Lee is caught up in a love triangle with his ex-Jamila, Jocelyn, and Jazelle. He has fallen for Jazelle; however, when Jocelyn finally expose the truth to her secret, will he actually be able to be with Jazelle? Or will Jocelyn tear them apart? Come take this ride with these characters as they go through heart break and betrayal.

Everyone’s life is being flipped upside down. Nobody knows who to trust with their hearts and each of them has a right to be on guard. In this finale, everyone is going to learn that what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.