A Down South Hustla Stole My Heart

Bestselling author Shanice B. provides a poignant and heartfelt novel about deception, desire, and the search for love.

Hailey Lawson seemed to have the perfect life. She’s married to a man who adores her and would give her anything her heart desires. Yet, Hailey is unsatisfied, she wants more. Although, Lance is an excellent provider, he’s detached and emotionally unavailable. Hailey doesn’t want to give up on her marriage but finds herself looking for a way out when she sees her husband will never change. Just when she believes her love life couldn’t become any more complicated, she crosses paths with, a self-made boss named Romeo Santana. This encounter sends Hailey spiraling down a path of infidelity and betrayal.

Romeo Santana is a certified boss who is living in luxury with a certified bad chick on his arm. Jocelyn McCants appears to love him and matches his grind, but Romeo can feel that she is hiding something from him. He finds himself in a constant battle with himself: should he search for the truth about Jocelyn or turn a blind eye.

Once Romeo and Hailey’s paths cross, he will find himself keeping secrets of his own. The intense chemistry that he feels for Hailey is a feeling that’s foreign to him. No matter how hard he fights these lustful desires, he finds it too hard to stay away from her. As Hailey and Romeo’s feelings become stronger for one another, they will find themselves going down a path that consists of false promises and heartbreak.

Will Hailey and Romeo be able to turn their lustful chemistry into something that can withstand the test of time? Or will they both play it safe and end their romance?

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