A Cali Billionaire Saved Me 3

Sienna and Xavier have been making steady progress toward a life that both of them can be proud of. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it definitely wasn’t built without conflict.

With Shayla coming to take what she thinks is hers, everything is pushed right to the edge, including Sienna and Xavier’s relationship. In the meantime, more drama is sprouting as everything that was haunting Xavier and Jamison begins to come out of the shadows.

Can Sienna and Xavier’s marriage work? Or is there just too much drama to fight through?

In the meantime, Dream and Jamison are coming into their own and what being a couple means for them. But old habits die hard, and some things just can’t be changed.

Come on one last ride with Sienna, Xavier, and the rest of the family to find out if they can weather the storm and come out stronger.