A Cali Billionaire Saved Me 2

Sienna was finally on track to true happiness, only for it to be swiped from up under her by Stefany. With Stefany comes trouble, so it leaves Sienna wondering why’s she really trying to ease back into her life. The chaos thrown that’s her way is like none she’s ever imagined. All she wants is to build a relationship with Xavier, but it’s not that simple.

Xavier is trying to remain on the straight and narrow, but temptation rears its ugly head. Not only that, a blast from the past returns to tear down what he’s built. No matter how much he tries to do right, trouble finds its way to his doorstep.

Xavier and Sienna are stuck trying to fix their personal issues while trying not to lose each other in the process. Is their relationship strong enough to take what’s thrown their way? Or is this the end for them? Find out in this second installment where lies and secrets are revealed.