A Boss And A Hood Chick 2

From Mz. Biggs comes a breathtaking urban romance sequel, A Boss And A Hood Chick 2, full of drama, deception, resentment, and more gripping romance. 

Stepping out of their comfort zone, Nakosha (KoKo) and Nakita (Kita) finally see their lives coming together when they meet Hassan (San) and Major, who are like a breath of fresh air for them. This is short lived when they find themselves involved in a deadly situation. Leaving KoKo in a coma, everyone is afraid of what’s to come next.

Hassan and Major are determined to find out who is gunning for them. Not being used to relationships, they find themselves struggling to maintain control of their lives in the streets and at home. The loss of control is taking a lot out of them. Will they be able to bounce back after seemingly taking loss after loss?

Lies, jealousy, and betrayal are only a small portion of the drama that awaits you in book 2. Everyone has a secret of their own and no one is safe. Brace yourself for the ride as you read the second installment of A Boss and A Hood Chick.