A Boss And A Hood Chick

From Mz. Biggs comes a beautifully crafted urban romance, A Boss And A Hood Chick, full of heartbreak, betrayal, and unexpected love. 

Living in the hood comes without faults and Nakosha “KoKo” Banks learns this firsthand. Getting pregnant at a young age causes her to lose the sheltered life she had growing up. With a gorgeous face and body sculpted like a goddess, she uses what she has to get what she wants. While dealing with her own mental pain, she still has strong goals and ambitions and is determined to do whatever she has to do to reach them. The only obstacle standing before her is the dead-end relationship she has been in with her baby daddy. His last attempt to cheat is more than she can handle. When she finally has enough and is ready to walk away, the question is, will he make it easy for her?

Being the man in the streets was not something Hassan takes lightly. He is the true definition of a Boss, and with that always comes with someone gunning for your spot. Always focusing on the streets, he never understood the meaning of love. That is until he lays eyes on KoKo. Will she be the one to show him that love does exist?

Follow the crew through the ups and downs of this Five-Star read, “A Boss and A Hood Chick.”