A Birmingham Thug Captured My Heart

This exhilarating new romance series, A Birmingham Thug Captured My Heart, will have you hooked from the beginning to end.

Zoe had given up on love. In her world, it didn’t exist. After years of mistreatment by the person closest to her heart, she wouldn’t recognize love even if it came along and smacked her in the face. With a hollow heart, Zoe focuses on maintaining control over her life and getting through college so she can finally have some security. Then she meets Rocko, a man unlike anyone she’d ever met. Zoe quickly falls for the fine, generous, and charming Rocko; he provides her with everything she’s ever wanted and needed. He wastes no time showering her with love she never knew was even possible. Love most women could only find in their dreams. 

Zoe’s life of worry and hardship soon became a distant memory as Rocko does everything in his power to ensure Zoe wants for nothing. However, new problems arise when a member of their team find themselves backed against a wall. A wall that if it crumbles, could dismantle an entire drug enterprise. Zoe soon faces a new set of worries and unfathomable decisions. She is also now forced to question the true character of the man that’s captured her heart. Eventually, Zoe must make a heart-wrenching choice. One that could destroy her morally, or worse, destroy the man she loves.

After a failed relationship that left him frustrated and heartbroken, Rocko is all business and not necessarily looking for love. That is… until he meets Zoe. Beautiful, yet timid and emotionally fragile, Rocko falls hard and fast for Zoe. However, he soon remembers why he put his love life on halt. Despite how much he tries to separate the two, his work always ends up conquering, ultimately destroying. Love, lies, and a whole lot of drama. Find out what happens in part one of this explosive Birmingham love story.