A Billionaire Got Me Pregnant 3

In this final installment, everyone’s cards are being exposed, and more secrets come to light. Jasemine and CJ’s relationship is being tested even more than before, and neither of them is sure if holding on is worth it. Love alone can only get you so far when so much damage has been done already. Will they get it together before it’s too late?

Armani’s determination to win Jasemine back is never ending. He’s tried everything from buying her love to pleading his case. Will he finally find his way back to her heart? Or will his obsession with her send him to an early grave?

Nyasia finally gives love a chance, but will her dealings with Omar end up being more than she bargained for? Hearts will be broken, bonds will be tested, and life as everyone knew it will be changed forever.

This time around the stakes are even higher in this complicated game called love, but, of course, everyone can’t be a winner.