A Hood Virgin & A Rich Thug

A Hood Virgin & A Rich Thug

Xylo Simmons has always been a fighter, pushing through life’s toughest challenges. Homeless and struggling, she meets Creed, a young, wealthy Alpha boss who can have any woman he wants. She thinks he’ll ditch her when he finds out she’s a virgin, but instead, he changes her whole world. With a fancy home, a new car, and a solid job with benefits, Xylo’s living a life she never imagined. Just when she’s ready to give him her heart, Creed drops a bombshell.

Creed lives by his own rules, always chasing money and the fast life. Meeting Xylo gives him a rare sense of peace, but it’s not enough to change his wild ways. He sees her virginity as a prized possession and gets frustrated when she holds back, despite everything he’s done for her.

When Creed loses big at Gray Escapes casino, he’s stuck owing the owner, Keaton “Kozi” Gray, a serious debt. Desperate, Creed offers up Xylo’s chastity, knowing it’s not his to give. Kozi, a powerful and rough-around-the-edges guy, is instantly drawn to Xylo. She’s not feeling his rude attitude at first, but slowly, she starts to see another side of him in his high-stakes world.

Just when Xylo starts to feel comfortable, an old flame from Kozi’s past shows up, threatening to mess everything up. Will Kozi’s feelings for Xylo survive his past drama? Can Xylo protect her heart from his harsh charm, or will he end up being her biggest mistake?

If you’re a fan of African American romance, virgin love stories, second chance romance, and high-stakes drama, you’ll definitely love “A Hood Virgin & A Rich Thug” by S.L. Partee.