Cole Hart is a #1 Amazon bestselling and award winning author of over twenty novels. He claims "The Throne" series is the best work he's ever written and a classic. If you're a fan of cartel stories, crime fiction, African American fiction and romance, you're in the right place. "The Sunday School Teacher" is another classic and one of his favorites. If you ever decide to open up that book, you'll be hooked from the first page to the very last one.

He's also the CEO of one of the most successful independent publishing companies: Cole Hart Signature Novels. Under his guidance and leadership, Cole Hart has signed over one hundred authors and published nearly six hundred ebooks, paperbacks and soon to be audio books as well. Some of your favorite authors signed with him and he's still creating and building new writers as we speak.

In 1974, Author Cole Hart was born in Augusta, Georgia, who's real name is Jarvis Hardwick. He was raised in a single parent home with poverty stricken environment. Through the ups and downs in his life, he's definitely found his craft and has been on his road to success ever since. As of now, he resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he's currently working on his new crime thriller.


As a child growing up in Lakeland, Florida Ke'Asia always loved to read. It was something about getting lost in a story that was exciting for her. As she got older and grew through life, Ke'Asia's love for writing turned into a hobby that eventually led to a successful career.
In January 2015 Ke'Asia was signed and has since published fifteen books including her best selling series When It's Real, It's Forever and I May Be Young But I'm Ready series and standalone I Want You All To Myself.
Currently, Ke'Asia is signed to Cole Hart where she plans to continue to create and hopefully inspire more young writers to pursue their dreams.

Ke’Asia MorrisAUTHOR

Michelle Elaine is an author of African American and Urban Fiction and romance. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, she still resides in the metro area with her husband and sons. She has always been passionate about storytelling and character creation/development. This passion led to several short stories and development of plots and characters before she completed her first book, “A Good Girl & A Down South Millionaire”. Michelle recently signed with Cole Hart Signature in 2020 and looks forward to releasing many more books.

Michelle ElaineAUTHOR

Shanice B was born and raised in Georgia. At the age of nine years old, she discovered her love for reading and writing. At the age of ten, she wrote her first short story and read it in front of her classmates who fell in love with her wild imagination. After graduating high school, Shanice decided to pursue her career in Early Childhood Education. After giving birth to her son, She decided it was time to pick up her pen and get back to what she loved the most.

She is the author of over 30 books and is widely known for her bestselling four-part series titled Who's Between the Sheets: Married to a Cheater. Shanice still resides in Georgia where she is a devoted, nurturing, and caring mother of her seven-year-old son.


Born in Chicago Illinois Yasauni was very creative as a child and teenager. She would sit in her room reading books or writing poetry for hours. She attended Northern Illinois University for a short time and graduated from San-ford Brown as a Medical Assistance. In 2016 while working hard at her job she decided to sit down and write and came up with the book Dethroned.
When sitting down writing she takes she takes her time to create the perfect name for each character, and always try to incorporate the personality of the character to the name that is giving. She takes real life situations and place them in a world of fantasy. Yasauni wants to write more than urban fiction, but hopes she gets a chance to write Romance and BWWM.


Crystal Biggs 'Mz. Biggs' (formerly Crystal Lett) was raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, in a small town known as Moss Point. After graduating high school in 2002, she went on to get her Bachelors in Social Work in 2005 from Jackson State University and Masters in Social Work in 2006, also from Jackson State University. Currently residing in Jackson, MS, she is a Licensed Master Social Worker. She is also presently working on her Doctoral Degree in Social Work and is a member of the prestigious sorority: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

Mz. Biggs is the mother of three: De'Miktric Jr., Allanah, and Kaiden. Facing her own personal struggles, reading became an outlet for her. It served as a stress reliever and opened her mind to a world of endless possibilities. Eventually, it led to her becoming a publisher author.

Currently, Mz. Biggs is signed to Cole Hart Signature. She also has her own publishing company, Biggs Publishing Group, LLC (BPG).

Mz. Biggs lives by the thought, "The only person that can stop you from achieving success is YOU!" Through writing, she hopes to bring as much entertainment to the lives of others as the books she has read along the way have brought her.


Growing up in the crazy streets of Philly, Deyona “YONA” Pearson easily found herself in trouble. At the age of fourteen when the cuffs slapped her wrist for the first time she knew she needed to find something better to do. Once her advocate gave her a book to read Urban fiction quickly began a big part of her life followed by the urge to write. Writing came natural and by fifteen her Dream was to become an author. Things quickly changed when her first child was born the next year; working a nine to five became reality. Yona continued to write books on the side giving her note books to family and friends to read. She was soon introduced to wattpad where she put her books on the app and gained a whole new level of readers. By the tender age of twenty-one, Yona signed her first publishing contract and hasn’t looked back since. She plans on writing until her very last breath; additionally, she plans on making movies soon. Check out her work, which, is all available on Amazon.


Daughter of an avid reader, Shontaiye Moore was a fan of all fiction as early as grade school. Born and raised in Salisbury, Maryland, when she wasn’t reading stories, she was making up her own. She now writes women’s fiction and is signed to Cole Hart Signature, where her tales mainly focus on women who rise above adversity and heartbreak. Armed with a degree in Business, she writes full-time and lives in Salisbury with her daughter.

Shontaiye MooreAUTHOR

Shaunn King was born in Gretna, LA, and spent her childhood in Harvey, a city on the Westbank of New Orleans. Shaunn was considered an early reader, learning to read before the age of four, and has been an avid reader ever since. When she was ten years of age, she read “Gone with the Wind.” It was around that time she discovered different writing styles and decided to explore her own style of writing, beginning with poetry and short stories. After she won a poetry contest in junior high, and was published in a national poetry book, she gained the confidence to pursue her desire to become an author. As she excelled in her writing, Shaunn, at the age of 15, was one of many affected by Hurricane Katrina, and moved with her family to Birmingham, AL. While there, she still dabbled with her writing skills and joined the Drama Club at Homewood High School as well.

At the age of 29, Shaunn decided to turn her dream of becoming a published author into a reality. She signed with Cole Hart Signature Novels in July 2020 under the pen name Shaunn Aryande. Cali Dreamin’: A West Coast Love Story is Shaunn’s first novel, but she has guaranteed that it is only the beginning… she has much more.

Shaunn AryandeAUTHOR

Aside from being an author with the infamous Cole Hart Signature, Tina Marie, real name Tina Marie Turner is a mother of two: a Nineteen-year-old daughter and an Eight-year-old son. In addition to being an author and mother, she's climbing the professional ranks with 5LINX Enterprises, where she supports the company's top earners. When asked what she would tell her readers about them following their dreams, she said, “When following your dreams, realize from the start it will be a difficult journey. Dreams are built over time with hard work, persistence, sweat and many tears.” Tina Marie didn’t always have it easy. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, she came to New York as a child, growing up in extreme poverty. As a teenager, she put herself through college while having her daughter at a young age and working two full-time jobs. Tina now has an A.A in Humanities and Social Science, a B.A. in English Literature with a teaching degree, and finished her Masters in International Business in 2016.

Tina MarieAUTHOR

Since 2015, Theresa Reese Kirk, Theresa Reese, penned various creative bodies of work from poetry and self-help to urban lit and urban romance. From the streets of the Bronx, New York, Theresa gives writing her all through page-turning reads that have readers wanting more from daring plot twists to conquering love. After self-publishing six novels, Theresa Reese signed with Cole Hart Signature in 2019, joining a platform of esteemed authors.

Theresa ReeseAUTHOR

Author B. Richemond is a urban fiction writer from Miami, Florida. She was signed to Cole Hart Signature Novels in 2016 giving readers a taste of her twisted, heartfelt, and inspiring stories with each release. Writing is her passion and she promise to leave readers wanting more.

B. RichemondAUTHOR

To date, Twyla T has over two dozen published books, with "We Both Can't Be Bae" being her debut novel that lit up the Urban & Romance charts. All of her series have been best-selling novels, and she is currently working on more to deliver to the wonderful readers around the world. Twyla resides in Mississippi with her beautiful daughter, Amyra. In her past time, she enjoys playing softball. She's also an avid football fan, loves spending time with family and friends, and of course, loves reading and writing.

Finally taking the time to sit down and write, becoming a published author has been a dream come true to her. She says that "the journey has been exciting and satisfying all because of God and her awesome support system." Twyla is so grateful to be able to finally do what she loves. Far too many people have encouraged and inspired her to name each of you one by one, but she appreciates and loves each one of you wholeheartedly. She hopes that each of you enjoys her books as much as she enjoys writing them. Twyla would like to thank each of you for taking a chance on her.


Kevina, born and raised on the west side of Chicago is a 33 year old, national bestselling author under Cole Hart Signature.

She had a love for reading at a very young age but didn't think about writing until an idea came to mind in 2013 while she was at work. She tried to push the idea into the back of her mind but it wouldn't go anywhere so she discussed it with a few of her friends and they encouraged her to pull out a pen and paper and see how far it goes. One of them told her, "the only way that you can truly fail is if you never try." She believed with the right determination, ambition and motivation she could go above and beyond in life.

Fast forward to 2019 where she now has 18 novels available on Amazon for e-book as well as Paperback.

Kevina HopkinsAUTHOR

National bestselling and award-winning author Anna Black is a native of Chicago, IL and she now resides in south Texas. She has written several romance, erotic, urban and contemporary fiction novels. Anna has also contributed short stories for the popular Full-Figured series.

Anna BlackAUTHOR

Princess Diamond writes ratchet romance, trap love stories, and urban suspense. Her books will have you hooked on the realistic story plots, addictive drama, and raw details. She started writing at the age of eight as a hobby. After writing passionately for decades, she has decided to share her work with the world. Check out all of her books on Amazon. Enjoy!

Princess DiamondAUTHOR

J. Dominique was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois. Throughout her life she has always found reading to be therapeutic and had often tried her hand at writing a book of her own. It wasn’t until 2016 that she decided to seriously pursue a writing career. Since then she has released a total of 14 books including titles such as “Red & Ricko 1-3, and The Coldest Savage Stole My Heart 1&2. She currently still resides in Chicago with her 4 children, where she continues to pen more books in hopes of reaching as many fellow book lovers as she can. As of 2020, J. Dominique series Low Key Fallin For A Savage hit #1 in African American Women's Fiction.

J. DominiqueAUTHOR