a millionaire and a project chick 3 audiobook

The bestselling series “A Millionaire and a Project Chick” is now available in a captivating audiobook format for all three parts! This highly-anticipated audio edition elevates the gripping tales of passion and drama to new heights. Even three years after its initial release, the series remains a fan favorite, captivating audiences with its unforgettable characters and riveting storylines.

Shontaiye Moore is a Maryland native bestselling author who has become a driving force in the world of African American urban fiction and millionaire romance. With her motto, “Where rebellion meets romance. Crafting stories for the women who make their own rules,” Shontaiye’s writing perfectly captures the essence of strong, independent women navigating love and life on their own terms. Known for her plot-driven narratives and captivating storytelling, Shontaiye Moore has solidified her position as a must-read author in the genre.

Part 1: A Struggle for Love and Stability

In Part 1 of “A Millionaire and a Project Chick”, we meet 23-year-old Alize McKoy, a single mother who prides herself on providing her two children with the love and stability she lacked growing up. However, a violent reaction to a broken heart thrusts Alize back into a life of hardship and uncertainty. Her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Neal, once supported her and the children, but when Alize cuts ties with him, he retaliates by forcing her to fend for herself. Alize’s pride drives her to take on the challenge, but she quickly realizes that life is not as easy as it seems. As resources and finances dwindle, Alize finds herself on the brink of losing her children. Will her pride outweigh her love, or will she do whatever it takes to piece their lives back together?

Meanwhile, Lance Christopher, a semi-reformed thug, has reached the top thanks to the right connections. However, his success comes with its fair share of bloodshed, problems, and disappointments. Lance grapples with an ungrateful brother who refuses to leave his street mentality behind and a money-hungry ex who tricked her way into his heart. All Lance desires is peace and a woman who can relate to him and help him battle his demons. When fate throws Alize into his path, he wonders if she will let him in, allowing them to be the strength each other needs, or if outside forces will tear them apart before they even get started.

Part 2: Dreams and Nightmares Collide

Meeting Lance Christopher seems like a dream come true for Alize McKoy. Once living in a motel room and working retail, she now has a new job at a high-end car rental agency, a luxury apartment, and is also on the path to getting her children back any day.

Lance seems to be a keeper, and life seems to be looking up. Unfortunately, things aren’t always what they seem, nor do they always go according to plans. Tension rapidly builds between the men in Alize’s life, escalating into catastrophe.

Overnight, her life unravels—leaving her heartbroken, angry, and desperate. Her problems continue to pile up, right along with her frustrations and heartaches. Despite pushing relentlessly to achieve her goals, the actions of others around her keep pulling her two steps back. Will Alize have the strength to keep fighting? Or will she give up and lose everything she’s fought so hard for?

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Part 3: The Thrilling Conclusion

In the recently released audiobook for “A Millionaire and a Project Chick 3”, Alize’s world is once again turned upside down. With her aunt Melva in critical condition, Lindsey fighting for her life, and her chances of regaining custody of her girls dwindling, Alize must rely on more than just hope and prayers to overcome the mounting obstacles in her path.

As Lance reaches his breaking point, he must deal with Lawrence’s erratic behavior, Lindsey’s life-threatening situation, and the possibility of a dangerous new enemy. To make matters worse, Lance discovers another informant within his team. While navigating this treacherous storm, Lance must find a way to protect those closest to him, even if they resist his efforts.

Will Alize and Lance emerge from this tumultuous journey with the happy ending they so desperately desire? Find out in the epic finale of the “A Millionaire and a Project Chick” audiobook series!

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the captivating world of “A Millionaire and a Project Chick” through the immersive audiobook series. With all three parts now available, you can follow Alize and Lance’s unforgettable journey from start to finish, experiencing every twist, turn, and emotional revelation along the way. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest audiobook releases from Cole Hart Signature, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter and text ColeHartSig to (833) 617-0182. By joining our community, you’ll never miss out on any of our captivating releases, ensuring that you always have access to the best in African American urban fiction and millionaire romance audiobooks.

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